Run like a needle

Today as usual I woke up and was ready to do my daily work. I was changing dress and found something that gave me motivation. The watch every sec it works properly for 24 hours from the day it came to existence.  

But one the other side the person ho wears that including me we take so many excuses and be late to do our job.

Be like a watch needle that do not take excuse of winter summer or anything change your life.

#motivation #moring motivation
morning motivation


Every day we need a kick start in our life for motivation that makes us to do all our job like that we can have motivation from the nature even

Today the kick start that made me to kick start was a flower and a bud.

The process of  formation of a flower is big and a difficult process mostly the process ends up in failure till the formation of a flower the process of pollination had to be done properly then the bud stage they have to survive from all the biotic and abiotic factors and end in the flower formation that is the result of the hard work done by them like we have to lead our life with happiness till we reach our success

Blue sky makes smile

Happiness is a sense of well-being, enjoyment , or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness. The “pursuit of happiness” is something this country is based on, and different people feel happiness for different reasons.

The day we gona start our day with a smile then the day gona be the best day ever in your life. Happiness is something evry one cant afford. But evry one needs happiness.

Morning in this way

Happiness is the key factor that induces people to stay alive. A man achievement should be to see happiness in others face.

smile and rock

True men and women dont believe in caste or color. They believe only in human.

Wishing you a happy christmas in advance to you all

Fashion of suite

I am new blogger who have a passion towards fashion. weekly a topic of different kinds of dress will be spoken here.

Suit: A pair of same colored coat and trousers that can be worn for formal or casual events. They should be tailored properly so that they look good. Every men should have a suit.

Every one should have a black or navy blue one because they can e worn with most of the shirt and they can be formal or casual.

A suit with a t shirt makes man so sexy.

A navy blue coat and a white shirt with a navy blue coat or a black coat with a blue or a black tie with a stylish wrist watch made of steel a pair of compliment shoe makes perfect for a formal function

A blazer too does that job perfectly a they are also two types a formal and a casual one

A brown stripped casual blazer with a black t shirt makes a man perfect for a party too. With a casual blazer a loafer or a leather shoes makes that perfect for look.

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